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Dr. Stratis Routzounis

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr Stratis Routzounis has over 13 years of experience in Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Implantology, working in the Brighton UK and Athens Greece. His studies include degrees from the Warwick Medical School, Eastman ULC, and UCLA Universities. He specializes in Smile Makeovers, having thousand of successful cases in his roaster.

Dr. Doaa Sayed

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr Doaa Sayed, has almost 10 years of experience and has Special Interest in Pediatric Dentistry and Endodontics, which is the speciallty focusing on root canal treatments. Moreover, she has over 5 years of lecturing and tutoring service in the prestigious Ajman University under her belt.

Dr Christos Karavolias

Orthopedic Surgeon / Sports Medicine Doctor

Dr Christos Karavolias has been Orthopaedic Surgeon for more than 12 years. He obtained his PhD diploma from the University of Athens Greece and completed two Fellowships, the first in sport injuries at Athens Medical Centre and the second in arthroscopy and joint reconstruction at ROH Birmingham UK. He was awarded a scholarship for training at the HSS New York USA , he is BLS, ACLS, HLS provider, ATLS instructor and on the Orthopaedic specialist Register of the GMC UK. His field of interest includes sports injuries and arthroscopic surgery, joint reconstruction, treatment of trauma and fractures, hand and foot surgery.

Dr. Zahir Emshani

Family Medicine

Dr Zahir Emshani has almost 20 years of experience on Family medicine. Spending over 17 years in reputable Paracelsus and St Laurenteus Hospitals in Germany, he is bringing the latest chronic conditions management and fresh perspective on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Moreover Family planning, preventive medicine and pain therapy are among his wide field of expertise.

TDMC Beauty Studio

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Advances in all fields of technology have made it possible for the modern dermatologist and dentist, to dramatically improve any imperfection.

  • Smile Makeover
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  • Laser Treatment (for every skin type)