Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dr. Stratis Routzounis DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry & Oral Surgery

“Dr Stratis has more than 25,000 dental sessions in 15 years. He has degrees from Warwick Medical School (UK), Eastman University (UK) and UCLA University (US). He is field of expertise is cosmetic dentistry and has been providing sessions in Harley street, London.”


So if you ever felt that you’re not entirely happy with your smile, then modern dentistry couldn’t make it any easier for you. Bonding, teeth whitening, gum recontouring and porcelain veneers are all there to make you smile with confidence, much quicker and with far less trouble than you may have thought.

Smile profile assessment and “mock up” (a procedure to make you visualize in real time what your smile will look like after the makeover) is free of charge. So we’ll be looking forward to see you in our center and help you immediately get a preview of the smile you have always been dreaming about.

General & Pediatrics Dentistry


Dr. Doaa Sayed DDS

General Dentistry (Special Interest in Pediatric Dentistry)

“Dr Doaa has almost 10 years of experience and has Special Interest in Pediatric Dentistry and Endodontics, which is the speciality focusing on root canal treatments. Moreover, she has over 5 years of lecturing and tutoring service in the prestigious Ajman University under her belt.”

Phobic Patients

We do know the dentist may not be your favorite doctor. The drill, the sounds, the smell, the anticipated pain: we understand entirely where you come from.

We can confidently say however we are here to change that; and we stand a good chance of succeeding to do so because we have tried to take away all the stress related elements of a visit to the dentist.

It does help of course that we are actually very approachable, patient, friendly and good listeners. So let us assure you: the dental sessions in TDMC are as smooth and easy as they can get.