tdmc-doctor-9Nancy is an Occupational Therapist graduated in 2001 in Leipzig/Germany.
She brings with her 15 years of extensive experience as an Occupational Therapist in the hospital setting, outpatient services and home care.
Her wide scope of practice includes, but is not limited to, hand therapy, neurological, neuromusculoskeletal and general rehabilitation as well as pediatrics.

Nancy worked in a major multi-specialised hospital in Germany for 10 years where she focused on key areas such as spinal cord injury and early neurological rehabilitation.
In 2011 she moved to Abu Dhabi to work with a primary government hospital for 4 years, followed by 1 year in a private medical center before she joined TDMC.
Nancy is a hand therapist and certified Bobath Therapist and attended various courses (P.N.F., CIMT, Neurodynamics, splinting…) and workshops to be up to date.